Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artist: Prototype, Album: Prototype, Song: Video Kids

Dan Lowe may just be the most unheralded musician in Canadian history.  Considering the number of bands/releases he has been a part of since the mid 60's and more recently, what he has brought to the technology of recording worldwide.  It absolutely stuns me that you don't hear his name more frequently.  I can assure you his name will be mentioned more than once in this blog.  Prototype was his band in the early 80's which for myself, was right at the peak of my formidable radio listening years.  Songs that I never forget from that period are Electric Avenue, Drugs in My Pocket, Wasn't That A Party, Africa and this one, Video Kids.  Let's face it, any kid at that time was going crazy over Atari and Colecovision.  So hearing a song on the radio that spoke to what we were doing was great.  I won't dress up the review of this song.  It's AOR rock from the 80's with lots of synths!  Great then but you don't hear it so much now.  But there are some that live and die with this stuff.  This six piece from Alberta released their debut in 1983.  The album was re-released by Pacemaker Entertainment in 2001.  They are a difficult search and you shouldn't confuse them with a progressive metal act from the U.S that shares their name.  At the time of this blog, there was one copy on Discogs for $12 and had new copies for $10.99. is temporarily out of stock.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!