Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artist: Saigon Hookers, Album: Doormat Records Remembers The Low Five, Song: Just One More Peanut

The Saigon Hookers are a rock band from Kitchener, Ontario.  They formed in 2005 as a three piece band and launched their debut, Hello Rock And Roll, in 2006.  The album was produced by Ian Blurton (see blogs 11/22/10, 6/30/11).  The band also played some shows with his band, C'Mon.  They have a throwback hard rock sound that brings to mind bands like Fu Manchu, Nebula, Airbourne, The Hives and The Hellacopters.  They actually cover a Hellacopter's tune on their Facebook page called, A Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial.  If you follow hard rock and heavy metal you'll know that this music never died in places like Scandinavia.  The home to bands like The Hives and The Hellacopters and coincidentally, the home of one of the members of this band.  Thus, the song I have chosen here, entitled, Just One More Peanut, was featured originally on a Norwegian heavy metal compilation.  Some time after the release of their debut, they signed on with local label, Doormat Records, and this compilation was released in 2006.  It was entitled, Doormat Records Remembers The Low Five, and it featured a number of local bands including, The Saigon Hookers, and this tune, originally released in Norway.  The band has since expanded to a four piece and have 2 full lengths and 2 EP's released.  Their most recent album was released in 2010.  However, none of these releases include this song which is unfortunate because it is a beauty.  You can hear it on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG3XU947EFE).  You can follow the band on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Saigon-Hookers/.  The Doormat Records compilation is a difficult find today and at the time of this blog, there were no copies available online for sale.  However, you can purchase the entire Saigon Hookers discography from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!