Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Artist: Dillinger, Album: Don't Lie To The Band, Song: Bumpadidilly

Dillinger was a prog rock band from Toronto, Ontario, although their two founding members; brothers Jacques and Robert Harrison, were Quebecois.  The band was formed in 1973 along with members, Paul Cockburn and Terry Bramhall.  They were signed to Daffodil Records which was home to Klaatu (see blog 11/27/10) and Fludd (see blog 12/21/10).  The band released their self titled debut album a year later and although it included only 4 songs, the last song on the album was 17 minutes in length.  Thus, having their music exist on the fringes of popular rock with very little radio support, the album struggled to gain acceptance.  However, with constant live gigging the band returned to the studio and released their sophomore  album, entitled, Don't Lie To The Band, in 1976.  The songs were tapered somewhat although there were still some tracks between 8 and 9 minutes in length.  They even covered Taxman by The Beatles.  One really cool tune that caught my ear was the album closer, entitled, Bumpadidilly.  You can hear a song sample or download it from Itunes.  A couple of the members would leave the band following this release and through the recruitment of new members, they became known as The Hunt.  The Hunt would go on to release three albums before breaking up in 1984.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!