Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Artist: Apostle Of Hustle, Album: Eats Darkness, Song: Eazy Speaks

The Apostle of Hustle is a 4pc band from Toronto.  The founder of the band is a man named Andrew Whiteman.  Andrew's main gig is playing guitar in the band, The Broken Social Scene.  However, his musical legacy began during the eighties as one of the founding members of a band known as, The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir (see blog 11/3/10).  Much like The Broken Social Scene, his earlier band was a large collective of musicians that played very progressive music.  A term that could also be applied to the music he creates under the moniker, the Apostle of Hustle.  As the story goes, Andrew spent a couple of months in Cuba, soaking up the country's culture and music and returned to Toronto with a vision.  He found some like minded musicians and formed this band in 2001.  However, The Broken Social Scene had just launched their debut, Forgot It In The People, and thanks to the success of that album and subsequent touring demands, the Apostle of Hustle debut didn't see the light of day until 2004.  Since then however, they have released three albums, their most recent in 2009, entitled, Eats Darkness.  Eazy Speaks is a very cool track from that album.  You can follow the Apostle of Hustle at  You can hear the band perform the song, Eazy Speaks, at the CBC  Go! studios on You Tube (  Lastly, you can purchase the album, Eats Darkness, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!