Sunday, August 8, 2010

Artist: 20th Century Rebels, Album: Rebelution, Song: F.B.I.

"Running From The F.B.I."  I enjoy reggae on a Sunday night.  20th Century Rebels were a reggae band from Toronto.  They had some regional success with their release, Rebelution, in 1983.  F.B.I is a standout track on the record.  It has such a tight groove and great horns...if you like horns.  The band consisted of 10 members, most notably Devon "Peanut" Martin who played keys and wrote a lot of the lyrics.  Devon would have a hit years later called "Mr.Metro".  Anyone who remembers watching Rap City in Canada during the 90's would likely know this song (Hey hey, Na, Na, Na-Na, Na, Ease up tha pressure!).  I actually had the pleasure of working with one of the band members well after the band had split.  It was he who gave me my first history lesson on Reggae and the band 20th Century Rebels.  This is another very difficult album to find and likely only available on vinyl.  At the time of this blog there was nothing available online.  F.B.I is truly a lost Canadian classic so find a crate to dig in and invest in a good turntable.  Thanks for reading and enjoy.