Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Artist: Adam Chaki. Album: No One Knows Where The Hell We Are, Song: Sonofabitch

"Watch your step, you don't know me yet.  I would see you gone with no regret.  Go on and pick my skin if it's trouble that you're needing.  Because the beast within is in need of a feeding.  But be forewarned and make no mistake.  Where there's trouble in my path, there will be blood in my wake.  To get me mad is to dig yourself a ditch.  My mother raised a sonofabitch."  An anthem for all those tougher than nails, fearless and explosive types.  The beauty of this song is in it's ability to deliver an aggressive message without being aggressive at all.  Adam's sound is ever-changing and tough to describe.  From his bio, one would gather that he is a true student of the music having spent years abroad playing with African and Reggae bands.  I first discovered Adam on CBC radio.  They were playing the track Something Between You and Me from this same album.  I was living in Calgary at the time and found a copy at Recordland.  That's when I discovered the track Sonofabitch which apparently got some heavy play in Montreal at the time of it's release in 2001.  Adam went on to release another album independently in 2007 entitled, Snowcite.  You can catch up with Adam at http://www.adamchaki.com/.  At the time of this blog there were new and used copies of the album selling on Amazon.ca between $13 and $24.  The album is also available for download on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!