Friday, November 25, 2011

Artist: Lava Hay, Album: With A Picture In Mind, Song: Don't Tell Me

Lava Hay were a female duo from Toronto that formed in 1986.  They were Michele Gould and Suzanne Little.  They originally recorded the tracks for their self titled debut in 1989 but were then signed by Nettwerk Records.  The label remixed and re-recorded the tracks with the help of label mates, The Grapes Of Wrath and The Water Walk for an official release in 1990.  The band developed a strong following in Canada and were boosted by video and radio support of their music.  Both Michele and Suzanne would each marry a member of The Grapes Of Wrath.  Suzanne Little and Tom Hooper are still married to this day.  The song, Don't Tell Me, was one of the band's more commercially successful singles and it came from their sophomore release in 1994 entitled, With A Picture In Mind.  Sadly, it would be the last album from the duo as they decided to break up that same year.  Gould went on to form a new band called Taste Of Joy while Suzanne Little released material as a solo artist.  Suzanne and Tom released a Christmas album with their two children in 2009 entitled, Hooper Family Christmas.  You can check out the song, Don't Tell Me, on You Tube (  You can purchase Lava Hay's album, With A Picture In Mind, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!