Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artist: Graham Brown & The Prairie Dogs, Album: Do What You Should, Song: Truth Denied

"You want answers and I got questions both of us ignore."  Graham Brown is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia.  He was actually born in Scotland but came to Canada as a child.  He grew up in Edmonton and was one of the founding members of the band, Jr. Gone Wild (see blog 8/17/11), during the eighties.  When he was done with that band, he moved West to Vancouver and started a new band called, Brilliant Orange.  He also released three albums with the band, The Happyman, during the nineties before embarking on his own solo career.  He has played shows internationally and has received a ton of critical acclaim.  He has five solo releases to date and his most recent album was released in 2011.  Do What You Should, was his fourth album released in 2008 with his backing band, The Prairie Dogs.  It is a really nice blend of country influenced songs but the real barn blazer is this album closer, entitled, Truth Denied.  You can check it out on You Tube (  Graham appears to be playing locally these days and you can follow him at  You can purchase the album, Do What You Should, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Artist: The Miniatures, Album: Coma Kid, Song: Guts

The Miniatures were a rock band from Kitchener, Ontario.  They formed in 1994 and released their indie, self titled debut in 2000.  The band went through some line up changes over the years.  By the time of their sophomore release in 2004, entitled, Coma Kid, they were 6 members strong.  The principle members were Ian Smith, Nick Skalkos, Ryan Allen and Kevin Hundt.  This particular release was very strong and had some great tunes on it.  The band appeared to be gaining momentum following this album and they toured Europe with bands like The Marble Index and The Lowest Of The Low.  Guts is a great ballad from their sophomore album, Coma Kid.  It's a fantastic tune and you can check it out on You Tube (  The band would shrink down to it's four principle members following this release and change their sound slightly for their next album in 2006.  Ian had a chance to write and work with Steve Shields, a British producer who had worked with Joe Strummer, and the influence was certainly noticeable.  Sadly though, the band is no longer but the members are still producing new and exciting music. Ian Smith and Nick Skalkos are in a couple of bands called Spirits ( as well as Animal Heart (  Both bands purvey a more electronic style of music than their previous work with The Miniatures.  You can purchase the album, Coma Kid, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Artist: Uranus, Album: You're So Square, Song: You're So Square

Uranus were a rock and roll band from London, Ontario that formed during the late seventies.  They were Frank Ridsdale, Jack Whiteside, Jerry Fletcher and Dexter Beauregarde.  They were originally called Cheeseburger Deluxe and were known on the Southwestern Ontario bar circuit as a great cover band.  They changed their name to Uranus and had their first indie release in 1979 and followed it up with their full length debut in 1980 entitled, You're So Square.  The album was a mix of originals and cover songs.  They had some really cool cover selections from Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Johnny Rivers, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix as well as the Gilligan's Island theme.  The title track, You're So Square, was the single release from the album.  You can check it out on You Tube (  The band toured Canada before deciding on a third name change during the eighties.  They soldiered on into the nineties as The Sci-Phonics for a couple of releases.  Frank Ridsdale has released albums under his own name as well.  His last album release was in 2006.  Uranus were a really talented group of musicians that likely didn't get their fair share of notoriety.  Thankfully, Unidisc has preserved their one and only release and it is available for download from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Artist: Terry Black, Album: The Black Plague, Song: Dry Bones

"Cmon children, let's swing them dry bones."  Terry Black was a singer from Vancouver, British Columbia.  He was a teen sensation who was discovered singing on a local television show and signed immediately to ARC Records.  His first international single was a song called, Unless You Care, which was written and produced by American songwriter, P.F. Sloan.  Sloan has penned some legendary songs over the years including Barry McGuire's number 1 hit, Eve Of Destruction, as well as Johnny Rivers' Secret Agent Man.  Black's song was a major hit on both sides of the border and it featured unknown back up singers, Glenn Campbell ("Rhinestone Cowboy") and Leon Russell ("Out In The Woods").  Black had a string of successful singles throughout the sixties and two albums were released as well.  The Black Plague was his first in 1964.  Dry Bones is a traditional song and I believe it was released as a b-side to his very first single, Sinner Man.  It's a great tune that reminds me a bit of The Dave Clark Five ("Over And Over", "Little Bitty Pretty One") and you can check it out on You Tube (  Black would move to Hollywood, California for a short period of time in the hope of expanding his act to movies.  However, he eventually returned to Canada and in 1969, joined the cast of the Toronto production of Hair!  He met his wife, Laurel Ward, shortly thereafter and the two would record as part of the band, Dr. Music, as well as Black & Ward throughout the seventies.  Sadly, Black passed away from complications related to Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 at the age of 60.  The album, The Black Plague, was re-mastered and re-released by Unidisc and is available for download from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artist: Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts, Album: Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts, Song: Jelly Roll

"You gotta walk, you gotta stroll, you gotta do the jelly roll."  Barney Bentall is a singer songwriter who was born in Toronto, Ontario but established his music career while living in Vancouver.  His first band was known as Brandon Wolf and they signed with A&M Records in 1979 and released two albums.  Eight years of performing on the fringe of mainstream success almost forced him out of music.  Yet in 1988, he formed a new band called, Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts and landed a recording contract with CBS Records.  His self titled debut launched that same year and on the strength of the fantastic first single, Something To Live For, the album reached platinum sales status in Canada.  The band was nominated for two Junos in 1989.  They lost the award for Canadian Entertainer Of The Year to Glass Tiger but brought home the trophy for Most Promising Group instead.  For me, this is one of those quintessential Canadian releases.  When I first became acquainted with Barney's music I thought he possessed a similar stage presence to that of Springsteen.  He walked the line between rock and country so well that you never would have guessed that this was his debut album.  Although, after recording for nearly a decade prior to this release, perhaps this should have been expected.  This particular album is filled with some legendary songs.  The House Of Love (Is Haunted), Come Back To Me, She's My Inspiration and this tune, Jelly Roll.  Jelly Roll was never a single which is surprising because it is an awesome track.  You can check it out on You Tube ( Barney would go on to release five albums as well as a greatest hits album between 1988 and 1997.  Even as music tastes changed and the new genre of grunge music became popular during the early nineties, his albums still achieved gold status sales in Canada.  The Legendary Hearts would disband at the end of the 90's decade and Barney would take a brief hiatus from performing and recording.  However, he did return in 2006 with his first solo release and has since released a follow up album in 2010.  Barney also started a musical collective known as The Grand Cariboo Opry to help raised funds for needy families in Vancouver.  You can follow him at  Sadly, this iconic debut from Barney Bentall & The Legendary Hearts has never been re-mastered and re-released so it remains a rarity today.  At the time of this blog, there were copies trading on Amazon, Discogs and Ebay between $5 and $20.  You can also find a different version of the song, Jelly Roll, on the Greatest Hits release.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artist: The Ride Theory, Album: In This City, Song: I'm On Board

The Ride Theory were a rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They formed in 2002 and the members were Aron D'Alesio, Noah Fralick, Kyle Kuchmey and John Smith.  They had a real throwback rock and roll sound that wouldn't sound out of place on Little Steven's Underground Garage program.  This is early blues rock and roll akin to The Yardbirds.  The guys released their self titled debut in 2002 and followed it up with their sophomore album in 2006, entitled, In This City.  I'm On Board was the lead off track to the album and it is a barn blazer.  Their sound reminds me a bit of British artist, Nic Armstrong ("Brokenmouth Blues").  You can check out the track, I'm On Board, on You Tube (  The band played shows in Canada and the U.S. and shared stages with Tricky Woo (see blog 2/4/11), The Arcade Fire, By Divine Right (see blog 2/19/11) and Joel Plaskett (see blog 9/5/10) to name a few.  Three of the members went on to form a new band called, Young Rival (see blog 4/19/11) and released their debut album in 2008.  You can follow Young Rival at  You can purchase copies of the album, In This City, from Amazon.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Artist: United Steel Workers Of Montreal, Album: Broken Trucks And Bottles, Song: Life Bearable In Texas

The United Steel Workers of Montreal were an alt country band from Montreal, Quebec.  They were a six piece band that employed stand up bass, mandolin and banjo.  They formed in 2001 and released their debut album in 2005, entitled Broken Trucks and Bottles.  It was a really strong album and one of the highlights is this track, Life Bearable In Texas.  You can check it out on You Tube (  The band was signed to Weewerk and released three albums.  Their last was released in 2009.  They toured the country numerous times and played international festivals and clubs throughout the U.S. and Europe.  They were an extremely popular live act within, as well as, outside the borders of their home province. They also garnered the support of local unions over their career as a band.  In one particular instance, the Steelworkers union invited them to play a lockout at the Stelco plant in Hamilton.  The band was also known to busk regularly at metro stations in Montreal.  The band membership changed a lot over the years but the most recent line up was Gern F., Felicity Hamer, Matt Watson, Shawn Beauchamp, Phil Frumignac and Dylan Perron.  Sadly, the band recently announced on their website in December of last year, that they were calling it quits.  You can check them out at  You can also see some rare live footage of them performing this song on You Tube (  You can purchase the album, Broken Bones And Bottles, Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Artist: All Good Children, Album: All Good Children, Song: Black and Blue

"I'm black and blue, head over heels over you.  Doesn't seem to mean much to you now.  Under your spell like I was living through some hell.  Doesn't seem to mean much to you now.  I love the way she takes me higher.  I love the way I fall down."  All Good Children were an alternative rock band from Hamilton, Ontario.  They were part of a talented group of new bands that emerged in Ontario during the early nineties like Rail T.E.C. (see blog 5/7/11), Teknicolor Raincoats (see blog 7/13/11), Sour Landslide and Flatland.  They had some early radio success thanks to the CFNY Annual New Music Search Contests.  In 1992, this track, Black and Blue, floated in to my ears for the first time.  The intro to this song sounds reminiscent of The Cure.  The two principle songwriters of the track were band mates Simon Ruzzier and Steve Metham.  You can check out the song on You Tube (  Their self titled debut was released in 1992 with Raw Energy Records.  It also included the talents of former Crash Vegas and Kathleen Edwards' guitarist, Colin Cripps, as well as multi instrumentalist, Kim Deschamps.  Kim's resume is ridiculously long as he has played with everyone from The Cowboy Junkies (see blog 2/13/11) and Blue Rodeo to The Barenaked Ladies and Fred Eaglesmith (see blog 8/3/10).  I don't believe the band released another album following their debut in 1992.  This particular release is a rare find today.  At the time of this blog, there were three copies for sale on Discogs between $15 and $20.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Artist: The Five Man Electrical Band, Album: Sweet Paradise, Song: Money Back Guarantee

"You can take it on the highway, check the tires.  Leave it in the driveway and check out the wires.  If that ain't just what your heart desires, I'll tell you what I'm going to do.  Take it on a ten day trial and if you don't like what you see.  Just bring it on back in a while, get your money back guarantee."  The Five Man Electrical Band were a rock band from Ottawa, Ontario.  They were originally called, The Staccatos, and were playing clubs on the Yorkville club circuit during the mid sixties before migrating to L.A. to record for Capital Records.  After some less than stellar single performance, the band decided to re-name themselves after the name of their last Staccatos album, The Five Man Electrical Band.  They returned to L.A., landed a deal with MGM and released their debut, Goodbyes And Butterflies, in 1971. They had a monster hit with the anti-establishment song, Signs, which broke the top ten in both Canada and the U.S..  From that point forward, the band toured relentlessly and when there was time, a new album was hastily released.  They carried on this way until 1973 and by then, most of the members were burned out or had quit.  The band toured with the Allman Brothers, Rare Earth, Sly & The Family Stone as well as Edgar Winter.  They penned some of the catchiest psychedelic songs to ever come out of this country and perhaps even the strangest.  Tunes like the aforementioned Signs, Absolutely Right, I'm A Stranger Here, Werewolf and this tune, Money Back Guarantee.  The band recorded 3 albums between 1971 and 1973 and Sweet Paradise was their last one.  It wasn't as commercially successful as their previous albums but it still was a strong release from a great band.  Money Back Guarantee is an old time rock and roll tune from that release and it was the lead single back in 1972.  You can check it out on You Tube (  The band was made up of Les Emmerson, Brian Rading, Ted Gerow and two drumming brothers Rick and Mike Belanger.  The band has reformed in recent years and still plays the odd show.  You can follow them at  While the album, Sweet Paradise, is long out of print, the band's music has been remastered and re-released on a couple of compilations.  Absolutely Right: The Best Of The Five Man Electrical Band along with the 20th Century Masters Millennium Collection: The Best Of The Five Man Electrical Band, both include this track and are both available from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!   

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Artist: Damien Robitaille, Album: Homme Autonome, Song: Casse-tete

Damien Robitaille is a francophone singer from Lafontaine, Ontario.  He learned the piano at the age of eight and by the age of thirteen he was playing the guitar.  He attended university to study classical music and also learned to play the trumpet and violin.  He won a song festival which allowed him to attend L'Ecole Nationale de la Chanson, in Granby, Quebec, on a scholarship in 2003.  He would migrate to Montreal and win the prestigious Francouvertes Festival in 2005.  This paved the way for his full length debut in 2006.  The album was entitled, L'Homme Qui Me Ressemble, and it was a solid eclectic mix of pop songs.  He followed it up in 2009 with this album, Homme Autonome.  With this release, Damien conveys a more consistent sounding groove through the album.  It is very keyboard driven and it has a great vibe to it.  Casse-tete is a complete "pull the funk from the trunk" fest with some honking sax action.  It's a great tune on an album that really has an overall 70's soul appeal.  You can check out the song on You Tube (  There is also a very cool promotional clip from his label, Audiogram, that shows him performing this song live (  Damian has been spending a lot of time overseas in places like France and Belgium promoting the release of this album abroad.  He also starred in the french film, La Sacree, as well as composing music for the film.  You can follow him at  You can purchase the album, Homme Autonome, from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Artist: The Whereabouts, Album: Pop Filter, Song: Touch The Ground

"You'll never hear me make a sound.  I never touch, touch, touch, touch, touch the ground."  The Whereabouts were a rock band from Montreal, Quebec.  They were Andrew MacNeill, Patrick Curley, Dan Cotnoir and PJ.  Their one and only album, entitled, Pop Filter, was recorded in Montreal and released in 2001.  It featured Juno nominated, Francophone songstress, Anik Jean, Sophie Trudeau from the band, Godspeed You Black Emperor! as well as British producer, Neil O'Connor.  Neil has a deep history in music that dates back to the punk and new wave movements in Britain.  One of his first bands, The Flys, toured with The Buzzcocks ("Orgasm Addict") and he later worked on albums by bands like Modern English ("I Melt With You") and The Human League ("Don't You Want Me").  After working with French Canadian band, The Box, he moved to Montreal and began working with Canadian artists.  The Whereabouts were one of those bands and they put out a solid record together.  The have a power pop sound and this particular track, Touch The Ground, reminds me of Aussie band, The Vines ("Don't Listen To The Radio").  It's a great tune and you can hear the song on You Tube (  There isn't much written about the band to know exactly what happened to them following this release.  They did enter music as established professionals in other fields like law and business and I believe most, if not, all the members have returned to their previous careers.  Patrick Curley is an entertainment lawyer in Montreal.  You can purchase the debut album from The Whereabouts, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Artist: Copperpenny, Album: Made In Canada Our Rock 'N' Roll History Volume 2: Into The 70's, Song: Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne

"I'll never get arrested sitting on a poor man's throne."  Copperpenny were a rock band from Kitchener, Ontario.  They formed in 1965 by members Ken Hollis and Rich Wamil and would also include a revolving cast of musicians before folding in 1976.  The band was originally called, Penny Farthings, but later changed their name to Copperpenny which also happened to be a song by fellow Canadian band, The Paupers, released in 1966.  The band would release their self titled debut in 1970 following some moderate single success during the late sixties.  That album was produced by Jack Richardson (Guess Who).  They would change labels to Sweet Plum Records for their sophomore release in 1973, entitled, Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne.  The title track and one of the singles off the album, was recorded in Detroit with producer Harry Hinde and legendary American engineer, Richard Brecker.  This track has a Staple Singers quality to it and certainly wouldn't sound out of place in the Stax catalogue of hits.  It's a very cool soul track and you can check it out on You Tube (  The band hit the road and played shows with some of rock's heavyweights during this period.  Led Zeppelin, Bob Seger and Uriah Heep were just some of the headliners they played with across Canada and the U.S..  Only founding member, Rich Wamil, was left by the time they decided to record a third album in 1976.  The band folded shortly thereafter.  The actual album entitled, Sitting On A Poor Man's Throne, is very rare and out of print today.  However, the song was included on a Made In Canada compilation entitled Our Rock 'N' History Volume 2: Into The 70's.  It isn't widely available today either but there was one copy trading on Discogs for $32.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Artist: Boys Brigade, Album: Boys Brigade, Song: Melody

"And all the late night clubbers say, they can still remember the way she used to dance.  Melody danced away right into my heart.  Melody stole my heart and danced away."  Boys Brigade were a new wave band from Toronto, Ontario.  They were Malcolm Burn, Tony Lester, David Porter, Jeff Packer, Wayne Lorenz and Billie Brock.  They formed in 1981 and played underground clubs and speakeasies before graduating to the Queen Street West circuit.  The band was unique in that they had three percussionists.  They had some initial exposure through local rock radio station, Q107's Homegrown Contest which helped get their first single some airplay.  They were later approached by the lighting designer from the band, Rush, with a management proposal.  That fortuitous encounter would lead to Rush's lead singer, Geddy Lee, producing their self titled debut, in 1983 for Anthem Records.  The album spawned a couple of singles but none better than this 80's masterpiece, Melody.  You can check out the song on You Tube (  Unfortunately, this would also prove to be their last album as the band decided to part ways.  Malcolm Burn would relocate to New Orleans in 1988 and begin an apprenticeship in recording production with Daniel Lanois (see blog 9/16/10).  Malcolm got to work with Bob Dylan and The Neville Brothers during that time.  Since then, he has produced albums for everyone from Iggy Pop to Emmylou Harris, who he won a Grammy with in 2001.  You can follow Malcolm at  The original Boys Brigade album is long out of print these days but there were some vinyl copies trading at Discogs and Amazon between $5 and $20.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Artist: Kim Barlow, Album: Champ, Song: Great White Nothing

"Here they come again like every spring before, thundering caribou over the hill they roar.  They eat my leaves and they scratch their itchy asses on my bark and they break my branches."  Kim Barlow is a singer songwriter from the Yukon.  She was actually born in Montreal and raised in Nova Scotia but following her post secondary education at Florida State University, she decided to settle way up north.  She went from sun to sub-Arctic weather.  She taught herself to play banjo and in 1999, released her indie debut.  Her sophomore release was Juno nominated for Roots and Traditional Album of the Year in 2003 along with fellow Canadian, Kathleen Edwards, but they both lost out to Lynn Miles that year.  She has five solo albums to date and her most recent was released in 2010.  She also has some interesting side projects.  The Juno nominated string band, Annie Lou, has a couple of albums to their credit as well as a collaboration with Mathais Kom from the band, The Burning Hell (see blog 6/27/11), entitled, Spring Breakup.  She just returned from playing shows in Europe with Kom.  Champ was her fourth release from 2007.  Great White Nothing is one of a few outstanding songs on this album and you can check out the track on You Tube (  Her vocal stylings remind me a bit of Liz Phair's Exile In Guyville circa 1993.  If you are unfamiliar with that album, seek out the song Fuck And Run.  You can purchase the album, Champ, on Itunes.  You can follow Kim at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Artist: Mardeen, Album: Mardeen EP, Song: Ice Truck Killer

Mardeen are a rock band from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  They are cousins Jon Pearo and Matt and Travis Ellis.  They released their debut EP in 2005 and followed it up with their first full length entitled, Read Less Minds, in 2008 on the indie, Collagen Rock Records label.  It was a melodic alternative rock affair with some great tunes.  It was mixed by Laurence Currie who has co-produced albums with Sloan as well as The Gandharvas (see blog 5/21/11).  It was produced by Charles Austin who is another east coast indie heavyweight who has worked with bands like Buck 65 and The Superfriendz (see blog 2/25/11).  The band followed up this release in 2009 with a self titled EP of new material.  It included this power pop nugget, Ice Truck Killer.  You can check out the tune on You Tube (  The band appears to be playing shows locally while also recording new material at the moment.  You can follow them at  They are now a 5pc band with new members Jason Burns and Archie Rankin joining the fold.  You can purchase the self titled EP along with their other releases on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Artist: Trooper, Album: Knock 'Em Dead Kid, Song: Most Of The Country

"I've seen most of the country from the side of the road.  I'm getting from here to nowhere in no time and I don't believe I'll ever make it home."  Trooper are a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  The two founding members, Brian Smith and Ra McGuire, began collaborating together during the mid sixties.  However, they wouldn't round out the Trooper line up until the early seventies and in 1974, they attracted the attention of Randy Bachman (see blogs 11/13/10, 11/9/11).  Randy would sign them to his Legend label and produce many of their groundbreaking albums between 1975 and 1978.  The band also boasted keyboard player Frank Ludwig who would give the band a unique dual vocalist approach.  The band is probably one of this country's most recognized rock acts.  Their hits like Raise A Little Hell and We're Here For A Good Time have propelled the band's stature to almost legendary status.  They were the first band in Canadian history to sell 400,000 copies and an unofficial poll once stated that 1 in 30 Canadians likely owned a copy of their greatest hits release, Hot Shots.  They have been nominated for a Juno 7 times in their career but have only won once in 1980 for Group Of The Year.  The band hit a real rough patch during the early eighties and coupled with poor management, they couldn't seem to sustain the same album success as their previous releases.  Nonetheless, their impressive catalogue of material is constantly played on radio from coast to coast in this country and it continues to win over new younger legions of fans.  The band also continues to tour and promote themselves and you can follow them at  I haven't chosen one of the band's hits here but I do love this ballad from their third release in 1977 entitled, Knock 'Em Dead Kid.  Most Of The Country, is a deep album cut about a lonely drifter and you can check it out on You Tube (  You can purchase the album, Knock 'Em Dead Kid, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Artist: Fujahtive, Album: The Sound, Song: On The Run

Fujahtive were a reggae band from Toronto, Ontario.  They were a 7pc band featuring trombone and sax players.  The members were Anthony Annecchini, Craig Naughty, Winston Hosang, David Jackson, Robert Jagodkin, Andrew Cosby and Anthony Goldstein.  The band released their debut album in 1992 entitled, In Black and White, and it had at least one single released from that album that I can recall.  The song, Send Fi Me Girl, received some strong radio and video support ( and the band became fixtures in Toronto's live music scene playing shows at the legendary Bamboo Club and Lee's Palace.  They also toured Canada and would follow up their debut in 1994 with this sophomore release entitled, The Sound.  It was another strong release and it garnered the band a Juno nomination for Best Reggae Recording in 1995.  They were nominated along with the band One (see blog 1/31/12) but lost out to Carla Marshal.  This would prove to be the band's final release.  On The Run is the smoking lead off track from this album which boasts some rock and roll guitars and crazy horns.  You can check it out on You Tube (  Unfortunately, there isn't much written about the band or it's members but I do know that frontman, Winston Hosang, eventually opened up a live music venue called Ellington's in Toronto (  Ellington's has a vast array of live music and also offers independent CD's for sale as well.  You might also catch Winston playing there.  The album, The Sound, is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there were copies available at for $10.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Artist: Corndogs, Album: Love Is All, Song: In My Neighbourhood

The Corndogs were a three piece rock band from Toronto, Ontario.  The band was formed by Greg Clarke and Brodie Lodge in 1987.  Both guys handled songwriting and vocal duties and released their debut EP in 1988 on their own imprint, Doggie Don't label.  They would then hook up with Cowboy Junkie, Michael Timmins, who signed them to his label, Latent Recordings (  The band would collaborate with the Junkies on many of their releases and would also go on to release three more albums between 1990 and 1999.  They toured Canada numerous times and even ventured overseas to the U.K. on several occasions.  The band has shared stages with the Cowboy Junkies, Johnny Winter and Eric Burdon to name a few.  Their album, Love Is All, was released in 1995 and it represents their only album during the nineties that wasn't released with Latent Recordings.  In fact, the band would release this album with Raven Recordings which also happened to be the home of the London, Ontario band, Thundermug (see blog 8/29/10).  The album was recorded in London, Ontario and is a solid mix of country and early rock and roll influenced music.  In My Neighbourhood, was penned by Brodie Lodge and is the hardest rocking tune on the album and you can check it out on You Tube (  Both Greg and Brodie would eventually move on to other musical projects following their last release in 1999.  Greg has been busy with the band, Greg Clarke and the Madvarks ( while Brodie along with his brother and former Corndog, Lionel as well as his son Durrie have a new band called Shed.  You can follow them at  The album, Love Is All, is a difficult find these days.  However, there was one copy trading on Ebay for $6 at the time of this blog.  Alternatively, you can purchase their last release from 1999, entitled, Rabbit, from CDbaby (  Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Artist: k-os, Album: It's All Good, Song: Musical Essence

K-os is a hip hop artist from Toronto, Ontario.  He released his first single, Musical Essence, in 1993 while attending university.  A video was also produced for the song and it received some strong rotation on Much Music's Rap City program.  The song was included on a Quality Record's compilation entitled, It's All Good.  The theme of the release was "Strength In Unity" and it was dedicated to Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation.  The album was engineered by Canadian rapper, Kish (see blog 10/24/10) and featured Canadian rappers Jelleestone (see blog 1/23/12), Ghetto Concept (see blog 11/12/10), Citizen Cain and The Rascalz.  It's a very good compilation that also has some stand out tracks from The Pharcyde, The Fugees, Run-DMC , Gang Starr and Jeru The Damaja to name a few.  K-os's track is an absolute stunner though and anybody close to hip hop back then realized it as well.  Former Toronto Raptor, John Salley, must have been hanging out in a lot of clubs during his days in Toronto because he took k-os under his wing and eventually along with him back to L.A. when he left town.  A proper debut was in the works but k-os was apparently unhappy with the direction of the project.  He would eventually return to Canada in 1999 and by 2001, his new debut, Exit, hit the market.  Once again, much like his first single, k-os showed depth and diversity in musical style unlike many of his peers.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as commercially successful as he would have liked but his next few releases would be.  Today, k-os has been nominated for a Juno 15 times and has won three of them.  He has 4 albums and is set to release a double album this year entitled Black on Blonde.  His albums have achieved platinum sales status and even his unsuccessful debut has now reached gold status.  Sadly though, he seems to have buried his first single and shows no signs of ever re-releasing or recording it again.  So today, unless you can track down a 12", your next option is to find this compilation.  At the time of this blog, there were none available on-line.  You can watch the video for the song, Musical Essence, on You Tube (  You can keep tabs on k-os at or at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Artist: Ferron, Album: Testimony, Song: Misty Mountain

Ferron is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia.  She left home at the tender age of 15 and worked odd jobs to make ends meet while building a portfolio of songs in her spare time.  By 1975, she began playing shows at coffee house stages around the city and released her first indie album in 1977.  Her first two albums in 1977 and 1978 were recorded at a local radio station.  She then befriended an American filmmaker by the name of Gayle Scott and the two partnered to form their own label, Lucy Records.  Testimony was the first release for their new label in 1980 and Misty Mountain is a fabulous deep album cut from that release.  It's hard to really describe her.  On this particular track, you might say her singing style is borderline reggae.  You can check out the track on You Tube (  She is a very cool artist who certainly deserves more attention than she has received.  Ferron relocated to the U.S. during the 90's and was briefly signed to Warner for a few releases.  To date, she has thirteen albums to her credit.  She is a very hard working artist who runs her own songwriting workshops and tours all over Canada and U.S..  She was nominated for a Juno in 1995 for Best Roots and Traditional Album of the Year but lost out to Loreena McKennitt.  You can follow Ferron at  You can purchase the album, Testimony, from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Artist: Tal Bachman, Album: Tal Bachman, Song: She's So High

Tal Bachman is a singer songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia.  He is the son of legendary musician, Randy Bachman (see blogs 11/13/10, 11/9/11).  Tal was signed to Columbia Records and released his self titled debut in 1999.  He co-produced the album with Bob Rock (see blogs 7/9/11, 12/15/11) and the lead single, She's So High, was a monster of a hit.  The song cracked the Top Ten in Canada and was a Top 20 single in the U.S..  The album itself sounds very British influenced and Tal garnered a lot of critical acclaim for this release internationally.  He toured as both a headlining act as well as in support of fellow Canadians, Bryan Adams and The Barenaked Ladies.  He was nominated for 4 Junos in 2000 and walked away a winner in 2 of the 4 categories.  Namely, Best New Solo Artist and Best Producer.  It would be another five years before his next full length effort.  He recently released a new single in 2011.  Aside from the obvious family musical influences, his debut wasn't his only foray into recording.  He was noted as a session musician in the liner notes of the first Copyright (aka Circle C) release (see blog 1/5/11) in 1991.  Beyond the world of music, he has spoken publicly about politics and religion on various television programs and for a brief period of his life, performed work as a missionary.  He has an interesting blog entitled, Tal Bachman In A World Gone Mad, that you can check out at  You can watch the video for his big hit, She's So High, on You Tube (  Coincidentally, Taylor Swift recently played a show in Vancouver and invited Tal on stage to join her in a cover of this song.  You can purchase the album on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!