Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artist: John Tigan, Album: CFNY 102 Great Ontario Modern Rock Search 1988, Song: Million Miles

"A million miles away is where I'd rather be, but if I choose to stay, please give me some peace."  John Tigan was a finalist in the Modern Rock Contest of 1988 that was put on by radio station, CFNY 102.1.  The station is widely known today as The Edge in Toronto.  These contests were hugely popular in the eighties and I've written a couple of blogs about some of the artists who made it onto the various compilations that were sold.  The contests themselves were responsible for launching some very big names in Canadian rock over the years.  John was fortunate enough to beat out more than 700 other entries and make it onto the vinyl release, as the lead track on Side 1.  Not much has been written about him unfortunately, so I'm not sure if he even stayed in music following this initial success.  The song was definitely one of the best on the album that year.  It was produced by Ron Searles at Manta Sound in Toronto, who now works for the CBC.  His drummer was Paul Delong who played with Kim Mitchell for a number of years.  These types of releases are never easy to find.  I have seen other copies in some used record shops within Toronto.  There is one copy selling at Music for $4.  You can hear the song, Million Miles, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!