Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Artist: Malhavoc, Album: Get Down, Song: Discipline

"I need control, I got control, I'm never gonna let it go."  Malhavoc were an industrial metal band from Toronto, Ontario.  They endured a number of member changes over the years but their leader and constant member was a man named, James Cavalluzo (aka Jimi LaMort).  The band was always seen as pioneers of the industrial rock sound since their inception during the 80's.  However, Malhavoc's 1994 release, Get Down, was a pivotal release for the band as well as the genre.  It was nominated for a Juno and if you were listening to alternative rock back during the early nineties, you likely heard a few tracks being played off this album.  Discipline, is one of their most danceable tracks and this album actually includes two versions of the song.  You can hear one version on You Tube (  1994 was an important year for industrial music.  Nine Inch Nails dropped their huge release, Downward Spiral, and Marilyn Manson released his own debut that same year.  Perhaps for the first time in rock history, industrial music was reaching more ears within the mainstream audience than ever before.  Alternative rock had become one big pot of aggression and angst that included everything from grunge and punk to industrial rock.  The band would release 7 albums in total between 1987 and 2004.  Get Down, featured the production wizardry of one, David Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy).  Today, Cavalluzo appears to be using the moniker, Jimi LaMort, more often than not and he does have a radio show called, Dark Harmonies, that you can check out at  You can also read about the band at or alternatively at  Malhavoc's albums are very rare today and at the time of this blog, there were used copies trading on Amazon and Discogs between $5 and $35.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!