Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Artist: Corky And The Juice Pigs, Album: Buck A Song, Song: Pickle

"So don't put a pickle on my burger because it reminds me of my girl.  Don't put a pickle on my burger because if you do I think I'm going to hurl."  Corky and the Juice Pigs were a three piece musical comedy trio from Windsor.  They released their debut indie cassette entitled, Buck A Song, in 1992.  I remember they broke out around the same time as the Barenaked Ladies whose earlier singles were equally comedic as musical (If I Had A Million Dollars).  The bands actually toured together in the nineties.  The band would re-release much of the material on this release on their self titled CD in 1993.  The song, Pickle, was not re-released however.  I can't remember if I actually heard this song on the radio but I do remember purchasing the cassette at the HMV on Yonge Street in Toronto and going to see the band live at the Rivoli one New Year's Eve.  The three members were Phil Nichol, Greg Neale and Sean Cullen.  Most Canadians likely recognize Sean Cullen.  He has had his own show on CBC, appeared on Jay Leno, Ellen and almost won the Last Comic Standing competition.  He has also performed in plays, written books and released albums of his own.  The band at it's peak performed on the television show, MADtv.  They called it quits in 1998.  You can follow Sean at  At the time of this blog, there was one copy of the indie cassette trading on EBay for $40.  You can hear the song, Pickle, on You Tube (  As always, you can hear this song as well as others that I blog about on Live 365 (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!