Thursday, August 5, 2010

Artist: Mudmen, Album: Defending The Kingdom, Song: Money Me

Hard rock with bagpipes.  The first time I heard the Mudmen, I was stuck in traffic on the QEW heading to work and searching the radio dial for something decent to listen to.  I stumbled upon a college station that was playing Money Me.  I wanted to toss my work sack out the window and head for the bar.  This six piece (including not one but two bagpipers!) is from Toronto, Ontario.  The Mudmen line up has changed over the course of their 5 studio releases.  Only the bagpiping brothers, Robby and Sandy Campbell have remained constant.  I guess at the end of the day, the bagpipes are what sells!  Money Me is from their 2005 release, Defending the Kingdom.  The album is available for download on Itunes and Amazon.  The band has just released their 5th album entitled, Another Day, and will be playing throughout Ontario in the month of August.  Check out for more details.  Whether they are covering AC/DC, Spirit of the West, Pogues or themselves.  These guys are a blast to watch.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!