Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Artist: Scott Merritt, Album: Violet And Black, Song: Are You Sending

Scott Merritt is a singer songwriter from Brantford, Ontario.  He started his career in the mid to late seventies and released his first independent release in 1979.  A little known producer named Daniel Lanois helped engineer that recording.  His next release in 1982, caught the ear of Duke Street Records, who re-released his sophomore album as well as his next release in 1986.  The album, Violet And Black was released with American label, I.R.S., in 1990 and included this track, Are You Sending.  Scott has such a thick, layered sound.  This song has some wonderful Byrds - like guitars.  It's a great tune.  Scott took advantage of the video medium during his early career and had some strong support for his singles.  Some of them have been preserved on You Tube and worth a search.  He was also nominated for a Juno in 1986.  Most recently, Scott has focused on the production side of the business but did release a follow up to Violet And Black in 2002, entitled, The Detour Home.  That album is available at Maplemusic.com.  You can purchase, Violet And Black, at Amazon.com.  You can follow Scott at http://www.scottmerritt.net/.  You can hear the song, Are You Sending, on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y43F01Tw8Q&feature=related).  Thanks for reading and enjoy!