Thursday, July 12, 2012

Artist: McEnroe And Birdapres, Album: Nothing Is Cool, Song: Nothing Is Cool

"Retro nouveau, west coast electro, ain't a damn thing changed but the tempo."  McEnroe and Birdapres are hip hop artists on the Peanuts & Corn Record label based out of Brandon, Manitoba.  McEnroe actually started the label after he became more involved with the production of other hip hop acts, in 1994. He, along with Pip Skid (see blog 9/23/10) and DJ Hunnicutt, formed the rap collective, Farm Fresh, during the early nineties and had some cross over success with the alternative music crowd.  They actually shared the stage with bands like The Rheostatics, Bob Wiseman (see blog 1/6/11), Red Fisher (see blog 11/29/10) as well as The Pharcyde.  By the late nineties though, the members began recording individually or collaborating with other artists.  Peanuts & Corn Records have a lot of talented hip hop artists that don't get enough recognition and McEnroe has had his hands all over their production output.  Birdapres is one such artist except he is actually from Vancouver, British Columbia.  He and McEnroe teamed up in 2004 for this one and only release entitled, Nothing Is Cool.  You can check out the title track which I absolutely love (  Both artists have since released solo albums.  McEnroe has a new EP coming out this year and you can follow them both at  You can purchase the album, Nothing Is Cool, from Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!