Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artist: Ginger, Album: Suddenly I Came To My Senses, Song: Evaporate

Ginger were a rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia.  They rose from the ashes of another very popular 80's band called, The Grapes Of Wrath (see blog 12/30/11).  Following the 1991 release of The Grapes Of Wrath album, These Days, founding member, Kevin Kane decided to quit the band citing creative and personal differences.  The three remaining members; brothers Chris and Tom Hooper along with keyboardist, Vincent Jones, forged ahead under the name, Ginger.  Their former band name wasn't available as a result of legal differences with their former band mate, Kane.  Ginger remained with Nettwerk Records though and released their self titled debut EP in 1993 before their full length debut entitled, Far Out, was released a year later.  The band went on tour to support Sarah McLachlan as well.  Their sound was similar to the sound of their former band and one of their earliest singles, Solid Ground, did well with alternative rock and college radio.  They followed up, Far Out, with one more album in 1996 entitled, Suddenly I Came To My Senses, which saw the band exploring new territory with their sound.  I'm not sure that the album was as commercially successful as their first but we all know that doesn't necessarily speak to how strong an album is.  One track that really caught my ear from this release was the song, Evaporate.  You can listen to a song sample and purchase the album on Itunes.  The band would break up following this release.  Tom Hooper has since reformed The Grapes Of Wrath as well as established himself as a solo artist.  You can follow Tom at and The Grapes Of Wrath at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!