Sunday, April 3, 2011

Artist: Frank Soda & The Imps, Album: High Times Greatest Hits 1979-1995, Song: Oversexed And Underfed

"Oversexed and underfed, my body temperature is in the red.  I wanna spend my life in bed.  Oversexed and underfed."  Frank Soda & The Imps were a group of musicians from Vancouver that joined heavy metal singer, Thor, as his touring band in the mid seventies for some shows in Toronto.  Thor was a former bodybuilder who smartly parlayed his physical presence into a unique spectacle within the heavy metal scene of the seventies.  He really exposed the theatre aspect of the rock n' roll show by doing things like breaking bricks with a sledgehammer or exploding hot water bottles on stage.  Likely taking notes in the background, the Imps decided to stay in Toronto and re-brand their own act and take it on the road.  Their front man, Frank Soda, began experimenting with different head gear like a T.V. set that exploded or a giant moon head.  The latter would actually malfunction at a Gasworks show in Toronto one night, burning his hair and skin.  The rock and roll spectacle did the trick however, and the band was voted one of Toronto's most popular bar bands.  They released their debut in 1979.  It was a live release called, In The Tube, which attracted the attention of Quality Records.  This record deal allowed them to play larger venues and they began opening for bands like The Stampeders, Triumph, Max Webster, Deep Purple and Savoy Brown.  Their sophomore release in 1980, entitled, Soda Pop, included this humorous track, Oversexed And Underfed.  The band would split up following this album yet Frank would continue on.  He released another album in 1981 and then an EP in 1984.  Frank also shared the same manager as metal queen, Lee Aaron, and worked on one of her projects.  Today he is back in Vancouver and is still recording and touring.  You can follow him at  Pacemaker Entertainment released a retrospective entitled, High Times Greatest Hits 1979-1995, in 1995.  It includes this track and you can purchase this album at  You can hear the song, Oversexed And Underfed, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!