Friday, December 16, 2011

Artist: Mary Jane Lamond, Album: Suas e!, Song: Seinn O

Mary Jane Lamond is a Celtic singer songwriter from Nova Scotia.  She sings in Scottish Gaelic often interpreting classic traditional songs and giving them new life through modern instrumentation.  As a university student in Nova Scotia, she began researching her grandparent's history and culture.  Her research into the traditions and music of Atlantic Canada's early Scottish ancestry became the basis for her debut album in 1994.  It led to an encounter with fiddler, Ashley MacIsaac (see blog 7/30/11), which would prompt their collaboration on his hit, Sleeping Maggie, from his debut album in 1995.  The success of that single paved the way for her own sophomore release, entitled, Suas e!, in 1997.  The album did extremely well, allowing her to perform abroad and as well, garnering her a Juno nomination for Best Roots & Traditional album in 1998.  However, she lost out to Ron Sexsmith that year.  She would be nominated again in 2000 for the same award but again, would lose out to Bruce Cockburn.  I honestly think that if there had been a category for World Music Album Of The Year prior to 2003, she likely would have won a Juno.  Unfortunate but certainly not the true measure of an artist's work.  Today, Mary continues to perform and teach workshops about Celtic arts and tradition.  You can follow her at  You can check out the song, Seinn O, on You Tube (  You can purchase the album, Suas e! on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!