Thursday, December 30, 2010

Artist: The Acorn, Album: Tin Fist EP, Song: Dents

"I can see your years in my reflection.   Dents and cracks embedded in my skin."  The Acorn are an Ottawa band that formed in 2003.  The principle songwriter and performer is a man by the name of Rolf Klausener, who began home recording under the moniker, Acorn.  Since then, they've released albums and EP's with indie label's Kelp Records and more recently, Paper Bag Records.  They've toured Canada, Europe and the US and are developing a strong international following.  They have been nominated for a Polaris award and supported the band Elbow on their UK tour.  They recently released their second full length album with Paper Bag Records this past year.  The Tin Fist EP was released just before their full length album, Glory Hope Mountain, in 2007.  It included this great down tempo acoustic track, Dents.  You can also find a live version of this song on an Itunes exclusive release entitled, Heron Act.  The Tin Fist EP is also available for download on Itunes.  You can follow the band at  You can hear them play the song, Dents, live on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!