Saturday, July 2, 2011

Artist: Kelly Partland And Alter Ego, Album: Interrupted Journey, Song: You And I

Kelly Partland And Alter Ego were a rock band from Ontario.  They were brothers, Kelly and Robin Partland, Dan L'Heureux, Dan Scipione and David Carlino.  They released Interrupted Journey in 1993 with A&M Records.  Kelly and Robin's brothers made the Partland name famous during the late eighties with their mega selling debut, Electric Honey, as well as the hit single, Soul City.  Kelly and Robin have now joined their brothers G.P. and Chris as part of the Partland Brothers (see blog 11/6/10) band.  They have a new release entitled, Every Now....And Again on EMI Records and continue to tour.  You can follow them at  Kelly was also in a group called The Spare Parts Band that you can check out at  The Partlands were certainly blessed with golden voices and I think most will find the sound of this particular track very reminiscent of the Partland Brothers' sound.  You And I is a great tune from Interrupted Journey and you can hear it on You Tube (  This particular release is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there was one used copy trading on Amazon for $180.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!