Sunday, December 26, 2010

Artist: Eye Eye, Album: Just In Time To Be Late, Song: Out On A Limb

"Catch me this time for it could be the last time.  Here I am out on a limb."  Eye Eye were a Toronto band that rose to prominence in the mid eighties.  They won a number of talent competitions on both a local and national level.  They also took advantage of the birth and subsequent popularity of music videos and got some great rotation on the nation's station, Much Music.  They were eventually signed to Duke Street Records and released their debut, Just In Time To Be Late, in 1986.  It included two very successful singles, X-Ray Eyes and this track, Out On A Limb.  They achieved rapid popularity and found themselves playing and touring constantly.  All the touring put them behind the eight ball when it came time to produce their second release in 1988.  The band once again had some decent recognition from it but the genre of synth pop was starting to wear thin and the band eventually broke up .  Some of the members like lead singer, Bill Wood, continued to release music as a solo artist while others left the profession all together.  Drummer, Mark Caporal, was actually killed in a small plane crash in Ontario.  The band's second release, Common Ground, was made available on Itunes with the inclusion of some tracks from their first release.  It includes Out On A Limb and X-Ray Eyes.  This is probably the best place to purchase their music at the moment.  You can watch the video for Out On A Limb on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!