Friday, October 14, 2011

Artist: Daddy Szigeti, Album: Daddy Szigeti, Song: Dollar Wager

Daddy Szigeti is a Toronto musician named Dave Szigeti.  He is one of a few musicians like Feist, Gonzales (see blog 9/13/10), Peaches and Mocky, that have developed a stronger following for their music abroad than at home.  Most of those aforementioned musicians show up on his self titled debut which was released in 2000.  The album also featured Howie Beck and Coco Love Alcorn.  Dollar Wager is a catchy pop tune with some intriguing string arrangements.  It is the album opener and you can hear it on You Tube (  There isn't much in the way of press on David's musical exploits up until this album.  Today, David resides in Berlin and continues to release music under the name, Taylor Savvy.  He is very eclectic and seems to be constantly pushing the boundaries of popular music.  His recent work is definitely worth seeking out.  As far as I know, this debut was his only album under the name Daddy Szigeti.  The album can be purchased from Amazon for $10.  You can follow David at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!