Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artist: Scrubbaloe Caine, Album: Round One, Song: Feelin' Good On Sunday

"Feelin' good on Sunday, Sunday is a feel good kinda day.  I got friendship all around me, ain't nobody standing in my way."  Scrubbaloe Caine were a rock band from Western Canada.  They were Jim Harmata, Paul Dean (see blog 3/30/11), Henry Small, Bill McBeth, Al Foreman and Jim Kale.  The band's members were originally from Vancouver and Calgary.  However, following their formation, they would re-locate to Toronto and sign a deal with indie label, Dynaflex Records.  This would lead to their one and only debut album entitled, Round One, which was picked up by RCA upon it's release in 1973.  Their sound was an interesting mix of country and rock and they were perhaps one of the few rock bands at that time with an electric violin player.  Feelin' Good On Sunday, is an absolute electric hoedown.  Unfortunately, although the band had debuted some new singles in 1974 and were planning to release a new album, their label went bankrupt and left them broke.  They eventually broke up and some of the members went on to become household names in Canadian music.  Paul Dean would first join Streetheart and later, Loverboy.  Kale had just left The Guess Who to join Scrubbaloe Caine but owns the rights to the Guess Who name and continues to tour.  Henry Small, the electric violin player, would play with Burton Cummings and Prism along with his own band, Small Wonder.  You can check out the song, Feelin' Good On Sunday, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNS1tyMmVjQ&feature=related.   The album, Round One, is a very rare find today and at the time of this blog, there were copies trading on Ebay and Discogs for $25.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!