Sunday, July 24, 2011

Artist: The Rhinos, Album: Fishing In The Fountain Of Youth, Song: Jackadandy Babbit

"He's a dirty rover, run and get your clover."  The Rhinos were an eclectic rock band from Kitchener, Ontario that formed in the late eighties.  They were Danny Michel (see blog 9/26/10), Darren Iles, Steve Kendall, Robert Carli and Mike Blanchard.  I'm not sure how many releases they had but this particular one was issued in 1993 with Kinetic Records.  Blanchard and Michel handled most of the songwriting as well as vocals.  This strange tune called Jackadandy Babbit was penned by Blanchard.  The album also featured some other notable musicians from the KW area.  Messenjah (see blog 4/22/11) member, Errol Blackwood, lends his vocals to one of the tracks on the album as does the late blues guitarist, Mel Brown.  Danny Michel would leave the band a couple of years after this release and embark on his own solo career.  You can follow him at  You can check out the track, Jackadandy Babbit, on You Tube (  The album, Fishing In The Fountain Of Youth, is a difficult find today.  At the time of this blog, there were copies trading on Amazon and Discogs between $20 and $35.  Thanks for reading and enjoy! 


  1. loved this album. really surprised that this was the only thing i could find about it on the internet. i still remember all the words to jackadandy babbit. but there were other great songs on there. and if im not mistaken one actually hit the canadian charts. "a fantastic place to be." yeah now that im thinking about it "psychedelic billy and the zanies of sorrow" and "dancing with my dog." and "slow easy groove" were also pretty rad. thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)


  3. thanks for posting! Been trying to track this song down for years and couldn't remember the title!