Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Artist: The Beatdown, Album: The Beatdown, Song: Beatdown

The Beatdown are a ska band from Montreal, Quebec.  They are Alex Giguere, Pascal Lesieur, Jovanny Savoie and Nicholas Fizzano.  Both Alex and Pascal were part of another band called, The One Night Band, and went on to form, The Beatdown, sometime around 2009.  Both bands purvey an authentic 60's ska, reggae sound with gritty soulful vocals.  They are Toots & The Maytals ("Time Tough", "Pressure Drop", "54-46 That's My Number", "Monkey Man", "Broadway Jungle") meets The Young Rascals ("Mickey's Monkey").  Alex Giguere not only provides the vocals and guitar work but as well, produced their debut, self titled album in 2010.  The album is strong and lead single was a rendition of the Rare Earth ("(I Know) I'm Losing You", "Born To Wander", "I Just Want To Celebrate") classic, Get Ready.  However, for myself, I completely dig the album closer entitled, Beatdown.  This song leans a little closer to rock and roll than ska but it certainly has elements of both.  You can hear a song sample and purchase the album from Itunes.  The band has toured the country and has supported former King Apparatus front man, Chris Murray (see blog 7/19/11), on tour.  They are signed to Stomp Records out of Montreal ( and are expecting to release a new album next month.  You can follow them at  Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

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