Sunday, January 2, 2011

Artist: The Dudes (2006) Album: Brain Heart Guitar, Song: Mom 100

"Late Friday night, I'm at your door but your not home.  There's your mom outside hiding.  I see her lurking in the shadows, looks like she's ready for battle.  And it's 2-4-6 what's this that your pulling from your bag of tricks now.  2-4-6 oh Mrs. Pure Evil underneath her night gown.  I'm running from your Mom but she won't stop.  She just keeps coming."  The Dudes are a rock band from Alberta that were formed in the late nineties.  They have 2 full lengths to date that are available.  The first entitled, Brain Heart Guitar, released in 2006 and garnered the band some attention nationally.  One particular song on the album, Dropkick Queen Of The Weekend, got some considerable play on a Rogers Wireless commercial.  The Dudes possess that unique ability to sound new yet similar.  They have a throwback sound that conjures up memories of the seventies at times but do it in a way that makes them sound original.  And that they are.  They released their most recent album in 2009.  Both albums can be downloaded from Itunes.  You can follow The Dudes at  You can hear my personal favourite from Brain Heart Guitar entitled, Mom 100, on You Tube (  The Dudes are a name actually shared with another Canadian band from the early seventies that was formed by Bob Segarini and some of the members from April Wine.  Their discography is a bit harder to find but will be the subject of another blog in the future.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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