Sunday, August 29, 2010

Artist: Thundermug, Album: Who's Running My World?, Song: Africa

"Live off the land, smoke mashmacan.  Forest so deep, jungle so green, sublime.  Up the great Zambezie.  Sail the Congo to the sea.  You're my father, you're my mother.  You're my sister, you're my brother.  You're my friend."  Originally released in 1972 on the band's debut album entitled, Thundermug Strikes.  This band from London, Ontario absolutely blew the doors off with this track, Africa.  I don't know much about drumming and figure like most, Neil Peart is probably the best I'll ever hear.  However, this guy sounds like he has six feet!  The song was actually re-released with a different drummer in 1994 on the album, Who's Running My World.  Now I'm sure some die hard classic rock purists will stone me for saying that I prefer the newer version.  The original has a kazoo solo.  Let's face it, the thrill of the song isn't the bloody kazoo, it's the drumming.  So there, it's out there, start slinging them rocks!  You can catch up with the lead singer Bill Durst at  Bill is still touring all over Canada and continues to release new music.  Both releases are very difficult to find.  At the time of this blog there were some vinyl copies of Thundermug Strikes on Ebay trading between $1 and $25. had one copy of Who's Running My World for $30.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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