Friday, May 4, 2012

Artist: Plex, Album: Brain Storm, Song: The Way It Should Be

"I've had about as much as I can take.  Don't try and push your religion on me.  There's men deciding everybody's fate.  We all know that's not the way it should be."  Plex is an aboriginal hip hop artist originally from Edmonton but now based in Toronto, Ontario.  He started rapping with a collective known as Won 18 during the late nineties.  They released one album before Plex ventured out on his own.  He played shows and toured for the better part of 4 years before his debut release in 2009 entitled, Brain Storm.  The album received a lot of critical acclaim internationally due to the strength of the single, The Way It Should Be.  The song features fellow aboriginal rapper and CBC personality, Wab Kinew.  The video has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world and has won awards.  Plex has toured all over North America in support of this album.  He runs his own label called, New Leaf Entertainment, and is due to release his sophomore album, Demons, this summer.  The Way It Should Be, is a fantastic tune with a message and a cool reggae beat.  You can check out the exceptional video at!the-way-it-should-be.  You can follow Plex at  You can purchase the album, Brain Storm, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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