Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Artist: Revise, Album: Don't Look Down, Song: What's That?

Revise (aka Sam Lawton) is a DJ and electronic artist from a little town called Mud River, in northern British Columbia.  His upbringing in rural B.C. included acquiring a taste for Hip Hop and later electronic music which prompted him to eventually create his own compositions.  He moved to Vancouver when he was 21 and started performing live.  He created some noteworthy independent releases which garnered him critical acclaim within the electronica genre of music.  His first proper release was in 2010 entitled, Palettes To Burn, on his own Re:create Records imprint.  However, as a pre-release primer, an album including some of the tracks from Palettes To Burn, were released in 2009.  The album was called, Don't Look Down.  What's That? is a sample heavy down tempo track that didn't make the final cut for Palettes To Burn but is one awesome song.  You can check it out at  I just love these types of compositions.  Some of my personal favourites from over the years include Rae & Christian's "Blazing The Crop", Roc Raida's "Who You Fuckin' Wit", Mr. Scruff's "Spandex Man" and Fingathing's "Walk In Space".  All worthy tracks like this one to get your ears around.  Revise collaborated with local singer, Adaline, on a couple of tracks and the partnership has led to a new project called, The Organization.  They released an album of remixed neo-noir movie themes and it is available for free download at  You can purchase Revise's album, Don't Look Down, on Itunes.  You can keep tabs on Revise at  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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