Thursday, March 22, 2012

Artist: Kyp Harness, Album: Houdini In Reverse, Song: One & Only

"Some like to weep and some like to sleep.  You can read the news and count the sheep.  There'll always be enough to get yourself in deep and raffle off your soul for what you cannot keep."  Kyp Harness is a singer songwriter from Sarnia, Ontario.  He relocated to Toronto during the 80's and started playing the folk club and coffee house circuit within the city.  It was during this time that he made the acquaintance of Bob Wiseman (see blog 1/6/11), Ron Sexsmith (see blog 9/9/10) and Bob Snider (see blog 1/16/12).  These three musicians would figure prominently on some of Kyp's later recordings and Sexsmith would also record one of his songs.  He released his debut album in 1991 and to date, he has 9 independent releases to his name.  His most recent was released last year marking his 20th anniversary in the business.  Houdini In Reverse, was his fourth release back in 1998.  Kyp's calling card has always been his prolific songwriting.  He has authored two books over the course of his career, so his writing skills are certainly proven.  I find this particular track entitled, One & Only, to be very Bob Dylan like.  He sings rapid fire lyrics similar to Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues.  It's a great tune and you can hear it at  You can follow Kyp at  You can purchase the album, Houdini In Reverse, from  Kyp also writes and draws a web comic called, Mortimer The Slug, that you can link to from his site.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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