Monday, March 12, 2012

Artist: Bobnoxious, Album: Cocktales, Song: Long Night

"It's been a long night and it's best I get my ass home."  Bobnoxious is a rock band from London, Ontario.  They are led by front man and founder, Bob Reid, along with his band mates, Stan, Wylie and Jeffy B.  They released their debut in 2004 and have five albums to date.  Cocktales is their latest album which was released in 2010.  They purvey great riff rock n' roll which is very similar to AC/DC with a bit of punk attitude as well.  Their music is really entertaining and this particular album, Cocktales, is a stunner from start to finish.  Long Night is one of the final tracks on the disc and has a great chorus.  Bob Reid has been around the hard rock/metal scene since the eighties.  He was the front man for Canada's innovative thrash metal band, Razor.  He also started a side project with some former Razor band mates called, SFH , during those years as well.  Bob has rocked stages all over the world and has rubbed shoulders with some of metal's heavy hitters like Motorhead and Slayer.  Musically, Bobnoxious are not anything similar to Razor but they are no less an electrifying live band.  They even opened for KISS in Sarnia a few years back.  If mainstream music tastes every shift again, these guys will be huge.  They are that talented.  You can follow Bobnoxious and their legion of fans known as The Rockaholics, at  You can watch the hilarious video for Long Night on their website.  You can purchase the album, Cocktales, on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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