Friday, January 13, 2012

Artist: Doug and the Slugs, Album: Popaganda, Song: Day By Day

"Bad news don't ruin my appetite.  Don't let the papers tell me if it's wrong or right.  I just do what I do and I do it day by day."  Doug and the Slugs were a rock band from Vancouver.  They formed in 1977 and made quite a name for themselves on the club circuit with their unique themed costume parties.  Their music was vibrant and upbeat; the perfect compliment to their quirky sideshow antics.  Before long, Vancouver's little secret was out and The Slugs found themselves selling out shows across the country.  They were signed by RCA Records in 1980 and released their debut album, Cognac and Bologna.  The lead single, Too Bad, skyrocketed to the top of the charts and in 1981, was nominated for Single Of The Year at the Junos.  Unfortunately for the band, they lost out to Martha & The Muffins (see blog 1/25/11) and their hit, Echo Beach.  The Slugs would go on to release a total of 6 albums by the early nineties.  They were Juno nominated for Most Promising Group in 1983 but again, lost out to fellow Vancouverites, The Payolas.  Regardless, the band has firmly entrenched themselves in Canadian musical history with some of the catchiest and fun rock and roll tunes ever produced.  Popaganda was their fourth release in 1984 and it featured this well known song, Day By Day.  You can check out the video for the song on You Tube (  Doug and the Slugs were Doug Bennett, John Burton, Simon Kendall, Richard Baker, Steve Bosley and Wally Watson.  Sadly, frontman Doug Bennet passed away in 2004.  The band has recently recruited singer, Ted Okos, and continues to perform.  You can follow them at  The original album, Popaganda, is likely out of print these days and very hard to find.  However, a very good compilation of the band's work entitled, Slugcology 101, was released during the late nineties and it also includes the song, Day By Day.  You can purchase this album on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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