Monday, November 7, 2011

Artist: Kings Of Lowertown, Album: South Mountain-Single, Song: South Mountain

Kings Of Lowertown are a band from Pembroke, Ontario.  The band leader and principle songwriter is Mike Mackey.  The band was formed in 2006 and has included a changing cast of supporting musicians.  A regular collaborator and producer of the band's work has been Jordon Zadorozny of Blinker The Star (see blog 4/23/11).  Jordon has a studio in Pembroke called, French Kiss, which has been the home to many Kings Of Lowertown recordings dating back to their debut single in 2007.  The band also had legendary bassist, Mike Watt, play on their 2008 indie EP entitled, Laughing Fox.  Any alternative rock purist would recognize his work with Porno For Pyros, Sonic Youth and Stan Ridgway (Wall Of Voodoo) along with music from his own seminal punk bands called Minutemen and fIREHOSE.  Watt has also featured The Kings Of Lowertown on his music program entitled, The Watt From Pedro Show (  The band has released a number of songs over the past year and some are posted on Soundcloud for free download (  They have a very unique lo-fi sound that is derived from a Portastudio 4 track to cassette device that was popularized during the early eighties, well before digital recording.  Bruce Springsteen actually recorded his album, Nebraska, with one of them.  Mackey also uses some very vintage instruments during the recordings as well.  You'll find their singles on Soundcloud to range in style from 60's garage rock, to early eighties melodic post punk akin to Husker Du.  They even cover a R.E.M. track in tribute to that band's recent retirement.  However, the track featured here entitled, South Mountain, is a departure from the aforementioned descriptions.  It has more of a Drive By Truckers, gritty appeal to it.  It's a great tune by a very dynamic new band worth keeping an eye on.  You can keep track of The Kings Of Lowertown at  Mackey appears to be content with not selling his music at the moment but rather circulating it.  The band does play the odd show when they aren't recording but you may have more luck catching them live if you live in or near Ottawa.  As mentioned earlier, you can access the band's music from the Soundcloud link above.  Thanks for reading and enjoy! 

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