Thursday, March 17, 2011

Artist: Refugee, Album: Burning From The Inside Out, Song: Survival In The Western World

"You wonder how in a world like this can we keep ourselves alive.  But you don't surrender, you hold on tight and you fight for survival in the western world."  Refugee were a rock band from Ontario that released their debut album in 1985.  The members were Myles Hunter, Rob Kennedy, Martin Jones, Howard Helm along with former Helix drummer, Brian Doerner.  Helm had been in a band called Zon during the seventies which did quite well and opened for bands like The Tubes, Styx and Foreigner.  Myles, Rob and Martin had started a previous band called Michael Fury and were signed to Passport Records in 1979.  They released an album but audiences assumed that Michael Fury was a solo act (aka Myles Hunter) and that didn't sit well with the band.  So they bought the rights back for their album, signed with Chrysalis Records and re-released it as Refugee.  They would change labels again (but not names) in 1987, to record their sophomore release, Burning From The Inside Out, with Polydor.  The band had a number of singles off this album and toured the U.S. and Canada in support of the album.  Unfortunately, the support wasn't enough and they disbanded.  I don't recall hearing their music much on Toronto radio stations at the time but I do remember hearing them for the first time while on vacation in Nova Scotia.  Survival In The Western World was all over the radio there as was the album title track.  I honestly assumed they were an East coast act back then.  It's unfortunate they didn't get more exposure even within their own country because this was a great album.  Some of the members would reform again to support Myles Hunter's solo album entitled, Northern Union, on Island Records, in 1990.  The release also included the talents of Tom Cochrane and the Partland Brothers (see blog 11/6/10).  Today, Myles has traded in his guitar for a bible.  He is a Reverend with the Anglican Church of Canada.  I believe this release was re-mastered recently and can be purchased at  I remember paying an extraordinary amount for a copy of this disc a number of years ago.  You can hear the song, Survival In The Western World, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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