Monday, March 14, 2011

Artist: Irish Descendants, Album: Look To The Sea, Song: Peter Street

"I would sir if I could sir if I only got the chance.  But I met a girl on Peter Street and she asked me to a dance.  She danced my heart's deception, I got robbed from head to feet.  And I'll take my oath no more I'll go to a dance on Peter Street."  The Irish Descendants are a Celtic folk band from Newfoundland that released their first indie album in 1991.  The band caught the ear of Warner music and these former fishermen went from playing pubs to stages around the world.  They've even played for the Queen.  They've released 12 albums and won a Juno.  Only one of the original members remains in the band to this day and his name is Con O'Brien.  He celebrated 20 years with the Irish Descendants this past year.  Look To The Sea, was their first major label release in 1993.  This album was pivotal in attracting more ears to the Celtic folk sounds that were popularized in Eastern Canada.  The song, Peter Street, is an old traditional, MacEdward Leach, song from Newfoundland that chronicles the plight of a sailor who meets a woman on Peter Street.  It's strictly A capella.  The Irish Descendants still perform today and you can follow them at  You can find the song, Peter Street, on a "best of" compilation entitled, So Far So Good, as well.  Both Look To The Sea and So Far So Good are available on Itunes.  You can hear the song, Peter Street, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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