Thursday, March 24, 2011

Artist: The Hardship Post, Album: Somebody Spoke, Song: Garbage Truck

"Don't talk dirty now, give me a kiss.  I'm already lost and I don't need a new twist."  The Hardship Post were a band from Newfoundland that re-located to Halifax in the nineties.  They signed with Sloan's label, Murder Records, and released a couple indie EP's and singles.  They were Sebastian Lippa, Matt Clarke and Mike Pick.  The band would sign with Sub Pop Records out of Seattle and release their one and only fully length, Somebody Spoke, in 1995.  Their sound was punchy, guitar driven rock.  Similar to the sound that was originating from Halifax at the time, by bands like Sloan and Thrush Hermit (see blog 9/5/10).  Garbage Truck is a two minute ditty that surprisingly wasn't one of the band's singles.  The album garnered the band a Juno nomination in 1996.  They were nominated along with fellow East Coast rockers, Super Friendz (see blog 2/25/11) as well as The Inbreds, Rusty and Art Bergmann.  Art ended up winning the award.  Matt Clarke would eventually leave the band ushering in some line up changes that included the addition of Alyson Macleod from the band Jale.  You can purchase the album, Somebody Spoke, on Itunes.  You can hear the track, Garbage Truck, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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