Monday, December 20, 2010

Artist: Vicki Fraser, Album: Dynamite Opening, Song: Half A Chance

"I can't believe how much I care about this country I had to share with the boys in office."  Vicki Fraser is a singer songwriter from Toronto.  I first discovered her on a compilation called, Take Back The Night.  It was a Guelph based group who released the CD to raise awareness about violence against women.  Vicki was signed at the time to the indie label, Drog (Dave's Records Of Guelph).  She released her debut in 1999 called Dynamite Opening.  The title of the album is a political remark against the burial of nuclear waste in the Canadian Shield.  The track I've chosen, Half A Chance, is also a sharp yet witty attack on our government and their misguided principles.  The album featured another Guelph artist by the name of Tannis Slimmon, who was part of a band called the Bird Sisters as well as another project called Crows Feet with Vicki.  Today, it appears that Vicki goes by the name, Chestnut.  You can follow her at  The album, Dynamite Opening, is not easy to find.  At the time of this blog, there was 1 copy on Amazon for $135.  You can hear the song, Half A Chance, on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


  1. Hi. I am looking for this Vicki Fraser's CD at a convinient price too. I have been listening to Dynamite Opening since 1999 and I do like this song so much. The song figures on the CD "DROG Canadian Recorings 1996-99" number 0057 that I bought in Montreal. Best regards.
    Philippe from France

  2. hi ! Thanks for the kind words!
    Vicki <3

    1. Hello Vicki. Dont know if you remember me. We exchanged messages and actual mail (!!) back in 2008 or so. Went on a road trip a few weeks ago, grabbed a bunch of CDs without looking closely, and one of them was the copy of Dynamite Opening you sent me. My buddy, a folk musician himself, really liked your work. Got me to thinking about you. How are you? IIRC, you were in the process of obtaining a therapy degree?? If this gets to you and you are at all interested, I wouldnt mind hearing from you.