Friday, December 17, 2010

Artist: SNFU, Album: In The Meantime And In Between Time, Song: Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

"I met him at the head smashed in buffalo jump yeahhhh."  SNFU are a skate punk band from Edmonton.  They formed in 1981 and went through various line up changes, break ups and labels but are still recording today.  There are too many individuals to mention but the three original guys were Mr.Chi Pig along with brothers, Muc and Bunt Belke.  Today, Mr.Chi Pig is the one remaining original member that is carrying the SNFU torch.  The band started out on small indie labels but slowly graduated to Cargo Records and later Epitaph in the US which helped their distribution.  Definitely one of Canada's pioneers of punk rock.  In The Meantime And In Between Time, was their last release in 2004 which included this rocker, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump.  The title of the song is an actual UNESCO World Heritage Site in Alberta that preserves an area that was used by the local aboriginals to hunt bison.  It's south of Calgary and worth checking out if you are in the province of Alberta.  Back to the band though.  Depending on the website you stumble upon, you may get a different perspective on the whereabouts of SNFU. appears to be a site from Muc Belke and he has a note stating that the band is finished.  The site does have some neat stuff linked to SNFU which is worth checking out.  On the other hand,, claims to be the official band website and links to a MySpace page with more current information on the band's activities (they apparently are back in the studio recording!).  So take your pick but definitely check out the tune, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, on You Tube (  The album, In The Meantime And In Between Time, is available on Itunes.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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