Thursday, November 18, 2010

Artist: Asexuals, Album: Fitzjoy, Song: Black Sugar

"No matter what you say, you're gonna have to swallow some black black sugar today."  The Asexuals were a punk band from Montreal that formed in the early eighties.  The original line up included John Kastner, Sean Friesen, Paul Remington and T.J. Plenty.  John Kastner would leave the band and form the Doughboys with Scott McCullough (Rusty).  Both of these artists return and guest on the 5th and final album by the band in 1997, entitled, Fitzjoy.  The band had a melodic punk sound.  They've often been referred to in the same sentence as Husker Du and the Replacements.  The lead off track on the album is Black Sugar and I find it sounds like Jesus and Mary Chain.  This band toured the US and Europe.  They opened for Public Image Limited but never really seemed to garner a strong national following in their homeland despite the international accolades.  In 2001, the band would release a compilation entitled, Greater Than Later, which captures the highlights of their entire career.  The original line up of the band recently reformed to do a show this past fall as part of Pop Montreal as well.  This particular release along with their entire catalogue is available for download on Itunes which is great news.  The song, Black Sugar, is also on the Greater Than Later compilation.  You can hear the song, Black Sugar, on You Tube (  As always, you can hear this song as well as others that I blog about each day on Live 365 (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!  

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