Monday, October 25, 2010

Artist: Rachelle Van Zanten, Album: Back To Francois, Song: Take Me Right Back

"Get me right back to home where the water flows.  Sticky sweet like cola, the cherry go round.  The cherry go round.  Here we go round now." Rachelle Van Zanten is a singer songwriter from British Columbia.  After playing in the band, Painting Daisies, she released her solo debut in 2006 entitled, Back To Francois.  What makes her so special is her remarkable slide guitar playing.  She absolutely blazes a trail of blues power on this track, Take Me Right Back.  I haven't been this excited about a female guitar player since I heard Ellen McIlwaine ("We The People") for the first time.  Rachelle has been touring all over the world in support of this album and in 2009, released her follow up entitled, Where Your Garden Grows.  She is one of our country's brightest lights at the moment and you can follow her at  The album, Back To Francois, is available on Itunes and at  You can watch the video for the song, Take Me Right Back, on You Tube (  As always, you can hear this song as well as others that I blog about each day on Live 365 (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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