Friday, August 13, 2010

Artist: Pluto, Album: Shake Hands With The Future, Song: The Goodbye Girl (Pop Goes The Girl Mix)

"Don't say goodbye to the Goodbye Girl.  Just say see you soon.  I say hello to the Goodbye Girl and it's our nineteenth honeymoon.  Pay telephone from a twilight zone and I'm hanging on the line.  I fell in love with the Goodbye Girl.  Now I'll never say goodbye."  This 4 piece from Vancouver blasted on to the scene in 1993 and were gone without a goodbye in 1999.  This is one of the few bands that I had a real difficult time choosing just one song from.  They started their careers with Mint Records, an indie label in Vancouver, and then got their deal with Virgin.  They released two albums with Virgin.  Their self-titled debut that had some great tracks like When She Was Happy and Paste.  Shake Hands With The Future was their second and final album.  Aptly titled when you consider how far ahead these guys were from their peers in the alternative/power pop genre.  They had such a clean sound and they rocked better than anybody in the 90's.  I am a Men Without Hats fanatic so I decided to go with the Pop Goes The Girl remix of The Goodbye Girl.  It is one of two bonus tracks on the album.  Some reports have suggested that their music is no longer widely available and as a result the band was allowing free downloads from their My Space profile (  However, that doesn't appear to be the case now.  Both releases are available from Itunes in the Canadian store at least.  There were new and used copies on Ebay and selling between $2 and $60 as well.  You can hear the remix on You Tube (  Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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