Saturday, August 7, 2010

Artist: Look People, Album: Stop Making Cheese, Song: Cookie Man

"Oww, Oww, Looky Here Looky, Never Should Have Ate That Oreo Cookie."  This half Canadian, half Swiss ensemble began their career as a band in 1985.  The album in question is their debut EP which was recorded in Zurich, Switzerland.  The leader and the only constant member through the years was Jaymz Bee.  If you remember Ralph Benmurgui's late night talk show, you might also remember his bandleader which was Jaymz.  The Look People may have been comedic in their songwriting but their muscianship was strong.  If you do happen to get your hands on a vinyl copy of this record you'll be surprised at it's quality.  Probably one of the best sounding records I own.  The song Cookie Man is a funky tune that I first heard on CFNY.  I think it was a call in show called the Nooner.  The band released 4 more albums and called it quits in 1993.  Jaymz would resurrect himself as a lounge act in Jaymz Bee and his Royal Jelly Orchestra.  At the time of this blog, there was one copy for sale that I could find on Ebay for $17.49.  A steal if you consider how rare this is.  Saying that, there aren't many copies of any of the Look People's releases for sale.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


  1. I've been trying to find a tune from the 80's that i'm sure Jaymz Bee did. The chorus is something like "Won't you be my dog". Can't find info on it anywhere!